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Kaleb Cooper, Adam Henson, Mark Diacono & More: Meet our Guests!

kaleb cooper

Royal Three Counties Malvern show is just around the corner, and we’re thrilled to introduce to you some of our esteemed guests who will be joining us at our big celebration of agriculture, farming and rural life. Get ready to meet Kaleb Cooper, Adam Henson, Mark Diacono, and many more!

Kaleb Cooper: A Rising Star in Agriculture

Kaleb Cooper, a prominent figure in the agricultural industry, captured the hearts of millions through his appearance on the hit TV show “Clarkson’s Farm”. Working alongside the renowned TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson, Kaleb showcased his expertise as an agricultural entrepreneur and farm contractor. 

His invaluable knowledge and skills have made him a trusted and respected voice in modern farming. We can’t wait to see Kaleb at Royal Three Counties Show, where he will be bringing laughter and joy from his insight and stories. 

Adam Henson: TV Presenter and Farmer Extraordinaire

Joining us at The Royal Three Counties Show will be the beloved Adam Henson, a familiar face on the popular TV program “Countryfile’. Adam has a deep-rooted passion for farming, showcasing engaging knowledge and presentations on the countryside. 

As the owner of Cotswold Farm Park in beautiful Gloucestershire, Adam combines his TV stardom with hands-on farming experience. His dedication to sustainable practices and the conservation of rare breeds has made him an influential figure in the industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Adam’s captivating tales and learn from his experience!

Mark Diacono: A Food & Farming Visionary

Another friendly face that will be joining us in June is the acclaimed food and gardening writer, Mark Diacono. With extensive knowledge in agriculture, Mark knows all about unusual and exotic fruits, nuts and vegetables. His commitment to biodiversity and sustainable food production has garnered attention and admiration.

Alongside this, Mark owns the prestigious Otter Farm. This hosts 17 acres that are dedicated to flavour. His advocacy has encouraged individuals to explore the beauty and flavours of lesser-known produce. Be prepared for inspiration from Mark’s innovative approach to farming at Royal Three Counties Show! 

And So Many More!

Royal Three Counties Show is set to host a diverse array of experts, exhibitors and enthusiasts in the agricultural community, even including rugby legend Phil Vickery! Whether it’s livestock competitions, equestrian displays or farm forgery, we’re hosting it all. Engage with exhibitors, sample delicious local produce and discover the latest advancements in agriculture with us. 

Join Us At Royal Three Counties Show!

Royal Three Counties Show is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of farming, rural traditions, and the joys of the countryside. Don’t miss the chance to meet Kaleb Cooper, Adam Henson, Mark Diacono, and many other remarkable guests who are passionate about agriculture and its future. Join us for a weekend filled with knowledge, entertainment, and a celebration of all things agricultural! Find out more about the day on our website!

kaleb cooper
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