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14 – 16 June 2024 –

Countryside Arena

The variety of more intimate displays within the Countryside Arena are a sure-fire family draw. Many of them are also interactive and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions during or at the end of the performances.

Take a look at the demonstrations at the show this year below.

Hawkeye Falconry will provide exhilarating, interactive displays in which magnificent, highly trained birds of prey, such as eagles, hawks and owls will showcase their natural hunting prowess and aerial acrobatics.

Learn about the different types of fishing and have-a-go at fly and course fishing down at the fishpond with the charity, Get Hooked on Fishing.

Adorable mini spotted ponies, Rolo and Sprout, will perform tricks during entertaining performances for their Mini Pony Show.

Top trainer, Graham Watkins and his gorgeous gundogs and puppies, will take audiences through comprehensive Gundog Training Demonstrations on how to create a competent and confident working dog!

The Gundog Scurry Arena featuring the Family Gundog Demonstration Team will demonstrate how you can balance the dual purpose of a gundog as a working dog but also as a family member, fully integrated into your home and day to day life.

During the high action scurry, gundogs have to tackle a kind of obstacle course with jumps to retrieve a ball or dummy in a race against the clock, with the fastest dog being crowned the winner.

Handlers will take you through step-by-step Sheepdog Demonstrations where you’ll learn how they teach their dogs to work. We’re sure you’ll be moved by the magical bond between dog and handler.

Beautiful heavy horses will take to the Countryside Arena, courtesy of the Shire Horse Society, and handlers will talk audiences through their role as working animals both in the past and present day, as well as their breed qualities that make them suitable for the jobs they do.


Watch the sparks fly as horseshoes are fitted and blacksmiths create a range of contemporary and traditional ironwork in fierce competitions and demonstrations, giving you a whole new appreciation of the ancient and highly skilled crafts of farriery and blacksmithing.

The Royal Three Counties Show holds one of the largest competitions in the country and there’ll be a full programme with competitors from across the UK.

There are also wrought iron competitions and ironware for sale and an information area.


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