Main Arena

The Main Arena is at the heart of Royal Three Counties Show, discover family entertainment mixed with livestock and equine competitions.


Jumping out of an aeroplane isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but anyone can enjoy the courageous and skilful display put on by the Parachute Regiment Freefall Team, The Red Devils. Free falling at speeds of up to 120mph, with spectacular canopy formations, you’re sure to be wowed by what the team can do. And if the weather holds, you’ll also see the famous swoop landings with trailing smoke – not to be missed. Each day, weather permitting.


Each day of the show sees a parade of all breeds of animals take to the Main Arena. This is a chance to get a good look at some of the finest livestock in the country. Sunday is a highlight when rare and minority breeds join the parade. And don’t worry if you’re a livestock novice – commentators will guide you through each of the breeds on display.


A rare opportunity to see some state of the art agricultural equipment in action. There will be a range of cutting edge farming implements operating in the Arena. Commentary will be provided to explain all the processes. This is a great chance to get up close and learn about modern farming practices.      


Ever wondered what it takes to have a prize-winning cow? Don't miss the Interbreed Beef Championship and Beef Pairs Championship on Saturday, plus the Beef Group of Three on Sunday where our expert commentator will take you through the judging process as we crown the winners. Judges will be travelling in from Northern Ireland and Scotland to judge these competitions. 


Hunt teams go head-to-head in this knock-out competition that tests the courage and skill of horse and rider alike. A tricky course of gates, jumps, and hedges await the teams who will battle it out for the top spot. If you appreciate enthralling contests, then this event is for you.


If you love to watch horses performing at a high level, you’ll love watching the six bar challenge on Saturday.  Competitors jump six fences set in a straight line with an increasing level of difficulty – each fence is higher than the one before it. After every round in which a competitor goes clean, the six fences are raised for each subsequent round until there’s a winner. Gripping stuff. Stakes are raised as competitors take their turn to jump two fences in the Two Fence Challenge on Friday.  As the jumps are cleared the bars are raised.


Rarely will you see so many enormous gentle giants in one place.  Marvel as they compete in ridden, harnessed and agricultural and trade competitions.  


Fast paced slaloms are the name of the game in the Double Harness Scurry Driving on Friday and Saturday.  In addition, on Friday the elegant Private Driving using 19th Century carriages will be centre stage.


At the end of each day, providing the weather behaves, hot air balloons will take to the sky from the festival grounds. A fitting end to a fun-filled day.