Fur, Feather and Farm

Get up close with the friendly animals in the Fur, Feather and Farm area. Their owners will also be around for you to quiz. And don’t forget to take advantage of the expertise of the local plant nurseries, where you can pick up something for your garden or simply get some top horticultural advice.

Village Show

When you’ve had your fair share of the animals, pop over to the Village Show for something a bit different but every bit as impressive. Novice, expert, and junior gardeners will exhibit the best flowers and vegetables grown in their own gardens. Perfect for inspiration if you’re looking to grow your own at home.


When it comes to successful gardening, sometimes all you need is the right advice. Local specialist plant nurseries will be on hand to give you guidance on how best to grow a range of plants. If you’re looking for something a bit different, the nurseries will also have a range of interesting and unusual plants on offer.

Bees and Honey

There’s a growing recognition of the importance of bees for food production. Come and learn about how bees are involved in the production of so much of what lands on our plates. You’ll also be able to see bees flying in controlled conditions, find out about bee keeping, and of course sample some of the delicious varieties of honey that bees make.


There's a reason that rabbits are such popular pets. This is the ideal place to talk to the experts about keeping these adorable animals and meet some of the beautiful breeds on display.


The Poultry Marquee is where you can meet all of our feathered friends. Get the lowdown on everything poultry from our expert keepers who will be on hand to answer all your questions about chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.

*Please note that although we are planning to stage a full Poultry Show, we will continue to monitor the Bird Flu situation and keep you updated as soon as possible*


Alpacas are one of the more unusual animals on display at the show. Come and find out about what their fleeces are used for and watch them compete in daily classes. Their owners will be around to answer any questions, and you can even pick up hand made alpaca products.


Goats are fantastic animals for grazing small holdings and their fleece can be spun in to some magnificent garments. We’ll have Angora, Pygmy, Dairy, and Boer Goats on display. They’ll be competing over the weekend, with the different breeds featuring on the following days:

  • Angora Goats – Friday (fleeces on Saturday)
  • Pygmy Goats – Saturday
  • Dairy Goats – Saturday and Sunday
  • Boer Goats – Saturday