Fur, Feather and Farm

Get up close with the friendly animals in Fur, Feather and Farm and if you have any questions their owners are on hand for you to quiz. 

Bees and Honey

Only one type of bee survives the winter as a large colony of adults, ready to pollinate the early flowering fruit trees and bushes in spring. This is the honey or hive bee. Many enthusiastic beekeepers care for these valuable insects, housing them in wooden hives, taking them to orchards to pollinate the crops and helping them to survive parasites and bad weather.  Take this opportunity to talk to beekeepers from the three counties about their fascination with these wonderful creatures and taste some honey.

The populations of most pollinators have been falling year on year and the lack of wild flowery places is most likely one of the causes. You can help pollinators by encouraging flowers in your garden at home, on verges alongside hedges, or in a wild patch. Worcester Embroidery Guild have teamed up with the beekeepers, to display their handicraft on the theme of Buzzing Meadows.  


There's a reason that rabbits are such popular pets. This is the ideal place to talk to the experts about keeping these adorable animals and meet some of the beautiful breeds on display.


The Poultry Marquee is where you can meet all of our feathered friends. Get the lowdown on everything poultry from our expert keepers who will be on hand to answer all your questions about chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.


Alpacas are one of the more unusual animals on display at the show. Find out about what their fleeces are used for and watch them compete in daily classes. Their owners are around to answer any questions, and you can even pick up hand made alpaca products.


Goats are fantastic animals for grazing small holdings and their fleece can be spun in to some magnificent garments. We have Angora, Pygmy, Dairy, and Boer Goats on display. They are competing over the weekend, with the different breeds featuring on the following days:

  • Angora Goats – Friday (fleeces on Saturday)
  • Pygmy Goats – Saturday
  • Dairy Goats – Saturday and Sunday
  • Boer Goats – Saturday