Happerley is launching UK’s first online marketplace with full provenance - Adam Henson encourages all food and drink producers to join.

Farmer led Happerley is launching the UK’s first online marketplace empowering consumers to purchase food and drink knowing the full provenance of their purchases. Going live on 1 July. it will be free for all UK producers with nothing to hide, to set up and manage their own store and sell directly to consumers.

Producers must simply be Happerley Transparent, so empowering consumers to shop with confidence by being able to see the Happerley validated ingredient supply chain behind their purchases.

Adam is encouraging all producers to get involved: “The opportunity to create a central hub, underpinned by the Happerley assurance of provenance will benefit both British food producers and consumers.”

Those interested are invited to contact Happerley on 01242 222848.


Happerley Chef, Ruth, creates tasty meals for the family with the help of her three children; Mia, Jake, and Carla. One popular concept is the creation of an alternative to a McDonalds Happy Meal. Ruth will show you how this famous meal can be made in the comfort of your own home quickly and inexpensively, while having some family fun along the way.





Understand the journey of the ingredients in Happerley sourced food and drink.




You can find our more about Happerley by visiting happerley.co.uk