Beer Tent

Hopshires is a collaboration between the hop growers and brewers of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire to shine a spotlight on the wonderful hops grown in the Midlands and the delicious beers made with them. These three counties produce more than half of the crop grown in the UK. Hops grown in this region range from varieties that have been used in brewing for over 200 years through to new varieties currently under development.

Access to the finest – and, where necessary, the freshest – hops allow our brilliant brewers to craft the characteristic flavours and aromas of some truly incredible ales. Find out about some of the local breweries and the beers they brew using locally grown hops.

The facts about British Hops:

  • There are 34 commercially grown British Aroma Hop varieties in the UK.
  • British hop aromas include notes such as tangerine, citrus, grass, grapefruit, chocolate, blackcurrant, spice, pepper, apricot, marmalade, mint, honey, floral & molasses.
  • The UK is the only country to have focused so strongly on disease resistance, making our British hops both environmentally friendly and inevitably more appealing.
  • Very few British hops are irrigated, making them some of the most environmentally sustainable in the world.