LEAF – Linking Environment and Farming

LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) is an organisation which inspires and enables sustainable farming that is prosperous, enriches the environment and engages local communities. The Three Counties Agricultural Society are proud to support the work that LEAF does through LEAF Education. LEAF works with many farmers across the UK to help them farm sustainably and promote the work that they are doing. The videos give you an insight into how the farmers grow their produce.



Video kindly supplied by LEAF.


With their striking yellow displays, daffodils are always a joyous sign that spring has arrived. Take a look at the hard work involved with growing daffodils at Varfell Farm.


Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumbers

Video kindly supplied by LEAF.


Look at how Thanet Earth are able to grow tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers sustainably all year round.



Potatoes, Carrots and Onions

Video kindly supplied by LEAF.


An insight into how potatoes, carrots and onions are grown at James Foskett Farms. In this video we look at all the care and attention that is given to growing these sustainable vegetables. 




Video kindly supplied by LEAF.


Strawberries are a sign that summer has arrived, and BerryWorld UK choose to grow their strawberries through the Hall Hunter Partnership to LEAF Marque standards. This means they have been produced to a high environmental standard.