Farms for City Children


Farms for City Children is a charity founded by Michael Morpurgo and his wife Clare. The charity offers urban children from all over the country a unique opportunity to live and work together for a week at a time on a real farm in the heart of the countryside. It is an intense, ‘learning through doing’ experience of a different life – for children who may not know where their food comes from and have limited opportunities to explore the outside world.

The charity runs three separate sites with Wick Court sitting on a bend of he River Severn in Gloucestershire. Wick Court is a small-scale traditional livestock farm, with sheep, beef cattle, pigs and poultry. There is also a busy stable yard, where the children help care for ponies and horses. To illustrate the contrast in farming styles, the children also work at a neighbouring commercial dairy farm with father and son Tim and David Merrett.

The team at Wick Court were going to join us at this years show but instead have a message for us which we wanted to share with our visitors.

For more information visit their website: