Countryside Arena

The Countryside Arena is back with a bang for 2022 with faces old and new.

Working animals are at the heart of rural life in Britain so join us for a host of animals, experts and entertainment.

Watch in amazement as birds of prey fly high above the arena and then swoop down low to show off their speed and precision under the guidance of Alistair Leese.

We’ve champion demonstrators in the shape of Meirion Owen, former Welsh National Sheepdog trainer and competitor.

Gun Dog expert Paul Makepeace of Trorchy Gundogs will show how discipline and training combine as these working dogs demonstrate just what they’re bred for.

We have horses large and small, quite literally. Watch in awe as the gentle giants who put the Great into Great Britain - the Shire Horses – show why they’ve been the backbone of rural life for so many years. And then at the opposite end of the size scale meet our Miniature Ponies in a brand new show for 2022; as Rolo and Sprout dazzle and dance in their own mini arena.

And we’ll take you back to a bygone era with our Vintage Tractor parade. Enjoy the noise and nostalgia as the farm machinery of the past takes centre stage.

Shire Horses

The Shire isn’t just a horse, it’s a national icon, a symbol of strength and a true working class hero.

They are a magnificent animal, tall, gentle, noble, immensely strong and loved by many. These gentle giants earned their place in our hearts as working animals; pulling ploughs, towing barges, hauling timber and, most famously of all, drawing brewery drays in an era when ale was delivered by horsepower!

The Shire Horse Society is the only charity dedicated to the protection, promotion and improvement of the Shire Horse. Since 1878 the Shire Horse Society has been working to protect the breed, which was then known as the Old English Breed of Cart Horse. Over the years the Society has worked hard to ensure that the breed continues to grow and to maintain interest in these magnificent animals.

The Shire horse is a very special animal. When you see one for the first time its great size and patient manner will impress you. Everyone will be welcome to come and meet these ‘Gentle Giants’ and their owners at various points throughout the day.

The Shire Horse Society is looking forward to being back in the Countryside Arena and to presenting “Our Salute to the Working Shire”.

Hawkeye Falconry

Hawkeye Falconry are really pleased to be returning to the Royal Three Counties show this year.

The team have one of the most sought after displays in the UK; and are busier than ever taking their bird of prey displays to many prestigious venues across England and Wales. This is only their second visit to our glorious showground; and they’ve got an amazing demonstration lined up to showcase what birds of prey do best - flying free and at incredibly high speeds!

Years of experience, dedication and a huge amount of passion drives the Hawkeye Falconry team to exhibit the birds in an exciting, entertaining display. The team collectively look after 30 birds. A large number of which are part of successful breeding programmes, helping wild populations in various continents across the globe. 

Alistair, the presenter, will be joined by a wide variety of majestic birds - some large, some small, some fast and some very fast! Come and be prepared to get a birds eye view, learn about these wonderful creatures and see them fly!

Meirion Owen ‘One Man & His Dogs’

Come meet Border Collies Trea, Sam, Jess, Helen & Sian as they are guided around the sheep using a series of voice and whistle commands. 

Spending time with his dogs is his way of life for Meirion Owen who is the third generation to train and compete with his sheepdogs; his late father and grandfather were excellent sheepdog trainers and competitors. 

Meirion started competing at the age of nine and has achieved considerable success over the years being a past Welsh National Champion, Captaining Wales’s team in International competitions as well as appearing on three series of the popular BBC TV show ‘One Man & His Dog’.

These days, time away with demonstrations doesn’t allow Meirion as much time on the competition field. He’s also busy with training classes for farmers and smallholders and frequently runs corporate teambuilding and communication skills days; as well as appearing regularly on TV & Radio including ‘The One Show’, ‘Countryfile’ and ‘Songs of Praise’.

Meirion’s display today will take you from having a pup and include the skills and tips needed to train your sheepdog. During the demonstration Meirion will invite a member of the audience in to the ring to have the opportunity of working one of his dogs around a small flock of sheep.

Meirion feels privileged and honoured to be invited back to demonstrate at the Royal Three Counties Show this year.

The Mini Pony Show

Meet Rolo and Sprout, the sweetest little duo you never knew about! Beautiful miniatures who will steal your heart with this brand new display to the Countryside Show circuit for 2022 and it’s from the talented horsewoman and trainer Rosie Howard who is a favourite of the Royal Three Counties Show.

Throughout the day these little chaps will be entertaining you with their antics, everything from playing a piano to honking a horn - and have you ever seen a pony who can count?!  With jingle bells around their legs and feather plumes on their heads, these fancy little miniature ponies are sure to delight everyone they meet! Find them in their own mini-arena just to the side of the Countryside Arena and don’t forget you can pop by and say hello and meet the little sweeties after each show!

Timetable of events coming soon.