Country Pursuits at Royal Three Counties Show

Get an authentic taste of countryside life in the Country Pursuits Village. This is where you’ll find all things country – country sports, demonstration of country skills, and displays of country animals. Don't miss out on any of the talks, head over to Plan Your Day to download timetables. 

Countryside Arena

Dogs, falcons, ducks and acrobats – the Countryside Arena has something for everyone and is hosted by Vernon Harwood. Prepare to be entertained... 

Galloping Acrobats - if you’ve never witnessed equestrian performance art, now’s your chance. The Galloping Acrobats put on a fantastic show that thrills and entertains in equal measure.

Welsh Axemen - axes, saws and even chainsaws are the order of the day as one of Britain’s leading Lumberjack sports teams comes to the Three Counties Show. Combining strength, speed, accuracy and technique, the Welsh Axemen don’t just transform timber, they compete against each other in a series of classic and spectacular challenges.

Gamegoer Gundogs - working dogs are at the heart of country life and there’s a long tradition of using Labradors, springers and cockers going back thousands of years. All over the British Isles, these remarkable and skilful breeds have proved themselves invaluable at pointing, flushing and retrieving game. Their impressive demonstration will leave you wanting more.

The Dog & Duck Show - sheepdogs aren’t just masters of herding sheep – they can herd ducks too! Don’t believe us? Come and watch your host, Stuart Barnes, work his magic with his dog and ducks.

Hawkeye Falconry - ever seen a falcon swoop past at 150mph? Expert falconers will demonstrate just what these magnificent birds can do. You’ll also be able to see other impressive birds such as eagles, hawks, and owls.

Shire Horses - the Shire isn’t just a horse, it’s a national icon, a symbol of strength and a true working class hero. These gentle giants earned their place in our hearts as working animals; pulling ploughs, towing barges, hauling timber and, most famously of all, drawing brewery drays in an era when ale was delivered by horsepower! We don’t see them outside pubs much these days, but there are new uses in the 21stcentury as riding horses, in competitions like obstacle driving and cross-country trials while they’re working the land again in woodlands and the Royal Parks. 

Family Fishing

There is fun for all the family in the new Family Fishing area hosted by Get Hooked on Fishing. Join them to find out 

  • how fun, simple and exciting fishing is for all ages
  • how going fishing is a great excuse for spending time with family and friends beside the water
  • how you don’t even need to be next to water to have ‘fishy’ fun!

You will be able to:

  • ‘Have a go!’ at basic coarse fishing and maybe catch your first fish
  • ‘Fishing Funfair’ where you can compete against your family and friends or simply against yourself with a range of angling-based games
  • ‘Pond-dipping’ where you can explore the delights of under the water
  • Find out more about different fish species

Farriery And Blacksmithing

Watch the sparks fly as horseshoes are fitted and blacksmiths create a range of contemporary and traditional ironwork. This will give you a new appreciation of the ancient and highly skilled crafts of farriery and blacksmithing. We hold one of the largest competitions in the country and there’ll be a full programme with competitors from across the UK and beyond.


The highlight of the Forestry Area is undoubtedly the climbing poles. Competitors from across the country scale these huge poles as fast as possible in the Pole Climbing Championships. You can even have a go at scaling them yourself but be warned – it’s harder than it looks!

While in the Forestry Area, you can also check out other forestry-related activities and machinery, as well as get some expert advice on tree care.

Vintage Machinery

For those fascinated by all things mechanical, the Countryside Arena will display a range of tractors, vintage commercial vehicles, and miniature steam engines. Get a real feel for the working life of yesteryear and enjoy the parades of Vintage Tractors and Farming Machinery.