RBST is the only charity dedicated to the conservation and development of the UK’s native breeds of farm livestock and equines, with a focus on those breeds that are listed as rare.

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These breeds represent not only a rich and varied heritage, they are also a vital genetic resource with a role to play in the future of British agriculture.

Our aim is to secure the diversity of our livestock breeds and ensure their viability in the modern farming world. The farm animal genetic resources represented by these breeds can help farmers meet the challenges of sustainable farming in an era of climate change, increasing cost pressures and growing world populations.

RBST receives no Government funding and relies solely on subscriptions and donations, without the help and support of our members, volunteers, and livestock keepers we wouldn’t be able to protect these rare, native breeds.

Our videos will give you a brief insight into the work we do, why we do it and how you can help. 

RBST CEO Christopher Price is asking why Native breeds matter and why we should preserve them.  

Hannah Knowles, RBST Conservation Coordinator is telling you all about RBST’s campaign for 2020, Love a Longwool, concentrating on the 9 native breeds of Longwool sheep 

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Professor Philippe Wilson, RBST’s Head of Conservation will be talking about the charity’s conservation projects and what we hope to achieve in the coming months and years

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