Royal Three Counties Show looks ahead to strong livestock competitions

Royal Three Counties Ram.jpg
30th April 2017

This year’s Royal Three Counties Show, Malvern, is set to play host to a spectacular show of livestock with entries in some sections full to bursting and a waiting list having to be operated for sheep entries.

The show, which takes place from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th June has received more than 2700 sheep entries across both the main show and the National Rare and Minority Breeds Show which takes place on the Sunday of the show, leaving the sheep penning full to capacity.

“We are excited by the exceptional numbers of sheep which have been entered, including record numbers of Wiltshire Horns in the first year their National Show has been staged at Royal Three Counties and also great numbers in the Teesdale section in their first year of classes. As a result of the high numbers if has been necessary to put in place a waiting list for those who entered after the close of entries,” explained head of shows Diana Walton.

Cattle, pig and goat entries are all strong too, with numbers of the inaugural National Junior Dairy Show at a promising level for the fledgling event. “We are delighted that the National Junior Dairy Show has caught the attention of dairy breeders and drawn support from a number of breeds. Dairy farming has been through a tough few years with low milk prices, but the enthusiasm and optimism shown by those breeding and milking top quality cows has never waned. This year’s event will give these breeders a unique opportunity to showcase the best of their breeding and their herds’ future potential.

“The show has also attracted more than 100 head of Aberdeen-Angus entered for the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society’s Summer National Show, with delegates from the Aberdeen-Angus World Forum 2017 visiting the show on Saturday 17th June. Other native breeders are also well supported with 100-head of Herefords forward and record numbers for the inaugural feature show for the Southern and Midland Highland Cattle Club.

“Pig numbers stand at just shy of 200 entries, with a good spread across the breeds. Goat numbers are also strong, with Angora goat numbers higher than last year and all other sections also strong.”

“On the poultry front we are delighted to be able to offer a full schedule of classes following the lifting of bird flu restrictions. This will include live bird classes and an egg show as well as a poultry sale. The schedule for these classes will be released imminently and we look forward to welcoming poultry exhibitors to this year’s show.”

This year also sees Royal Three Counties Show hosting national shows for the Simmental, Blonde, Murray Grey and Gloucester cattle Societies and the Beltex and Wiltshire Horn sheep societies as well as being the feature show for the Southern and Midland Highland Cattle Club. “We are delighted that all three of the breeds from Gloucestershire, this year’s host county, will be represented in competitive classes and are looking forward to strong classes of Gloucester Old Spot pigs and Cotswold sheep alongside the Gloucester Cattle Society’s national show,” explained Mrs Walton.

Additionally, the show will once again host the National Rare and Minority Breeds show supported by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, said Mrs Walton. “This event, which takes place on the Sunday of the show continues to go from strength to strength, drawing entries from across the UK as breeders seek to promote these breeds to a wide audience of both fellow breeders and the general public.”

Stock from across the country will be on display at this year’s show which, Mrs Walton said, is testament to the esteem the show is held in by breeders. “The wide catchment area of visitors to the show makes it an excellent opportunity for breeders to promote their stock to fellow breeders and commercial farmers. The Royal Three Counties Show is still an agricultural show at its heart and this brings a large number of farmers through the gate to see the exceptional quality of livestock on display.”

Everything is set for yet another bumper show of livestock at the Royal Three Counties Show and the show team is looking forward to welcoming old and new exhibitors to the show, she added. “The team is immensely proud of the show and are dedicated to making it an enjoyable one for everyone involved.”