Fur, Feather and Farm Fun at Three Counties Showground

Young Girl Looking at Eggs.jpg
30th May 2019

Visitors to Three Counties Showground can learn about a different side to rural life - from giant rabbits to pygmy goats - at the forthcoming Royal Three Counties Show, held in association with JCB. 

As part of the festivities at the showcase agricultural event, which runs from June 14 to June 16, the show’s Fur, Feather and Farm area - which is an exciting extension to the Farming Village - will incorporate a diverse range of alternative livestock not typically kept on larger farms.

This year’s show also includes a few exciting firsts, including the Toggenburg Breeders’ Society National Breed Show. There will also be the introduction of new classes for male goats, which are rarely shown but make a wonderful addition to the programme.

The Poultry section will also see a show-first with its Regional Egg Show. This status has been given by the Poultry Club of Great Britain in recognition of the large entries the show attracts. Other animals in the section will include alpacas, pocket-sized Polish rabbits, giant Continental rabbits and Boer Goats.

Diana Walton, Three Counties Head of Shows said “I am really looking forward to seeing the array of fantastic animals on display in Fur, Feather and Farm. Visitors will no doubt enjoy visiting this area and seeing some of the finest livestock exhibits in the UK.

“Most of the animals in the Fur, Feather and Farming Village are more commonly found on smallholdings and are therefore less prevalent in agricultural production when compared with those farmyard animals - such as pigs, sheep and cattle - that we all know and love,” she said.

“It’s so exciting to offer our visitors the opportunity to see and learn about so many wonderful and unusual breeds - from Angora Goats to rare breed chickens, the show has got something that you’ll fall in love with!”

Visitors will also have plenty of opportunities to learn about life and caring for these breeds with a host of knowledgeable stewards and breeders on hand to answer any burning questions and give advice.



Alpaca Show

Visitors will get the chance to learn more about the animal of the moment, the Alpaca throughout the weekend. Perfect for farm diversification or smallholdings, alpacas and their luxurious fleece can provide income from the sale of yarns and handmade products.

Boer Goat Show

First introduced into the United Kingdom in 1987. The Show, which takes place on Saturday, will be officiated by a judge who has travelled all the way from the Netherlands!

Dairy Goat Show

At the show there is information on the different breeds and dairy goats meet along with examples of equipment and type of feed required to maintain a herd.     


The show includes a full range of traditional and pure breed poultry from the diminutive Serama to the majestic Brahma with all sizes, shapes and colours in between!

There is also opportunities for visitors to ask the show’s knowledgeable team of stewards about all things poultry and vibrant sale section providing the opportunity to buy directly from breeders.

Pygmy Goat Show

Saturday 15th will see visitors getting a real insight into the life and care of Pygmy Goats. Visitors are encouraged to meet the pygmy goats, learn how to keep them and see them being judged on their condition, presentation, temperament and their conformation according to the breed standard.


The rabbit section is the ideal place to ask questions about keeping these popular animals; experts will be on hand to share experiences of their chosen breeds and teaching welfare, good husbandry and presentation techniques. Visitors can also meet some of the beautiful breeds on display from the pocket-sized Polish to the giant Continental.